Organized crime advances in Guerrero without a response from the government of Evelyn Salgado 


During the current administration of Guerrero, Los Tlacos have gained control in different territories of the state 

According to the journalist Raymundo Riva Palacio, during the administration of Evelyn Salgado as governor of Guerrero, organized crime has advanced to control different territories of the state without any forceful response from the authorities to stop it. 

In his column today, Riva Palacio points out that although Salgado holds the legal power in the state, the coordinator of the citizen police of the Heliodoro Castillo municipality, Salvador Alanís Trujillo, is the one who has the real power and is associated with Onésimo Marquina, head of the Los Tlacos criminal group, which grew up in the government of Héctor Astudillo and has expanded throughout the state in the current administration.  

The journalist points out that this criminal organization has been gaining control in different territories, presumably for having protection within the state government, which has allowed them to expand their criminal operations. 

He explained that his power was exposed after the murder of businessman José Guadalupe Fuentes Brito and his son last week in an area that is being fought by Los Ardillos and La Familia Michoacana. 

“Security reports that have been accessed mention that Los Tlacos, which is also known as the Sierra Cartel, has been winning its battles with other criminal organizations. The last one in which they won was against the so-called Cartel del Sur headed by Isaac Célis Navarrete, from whom they took control of the opium gum crops in the Tierra Caliente region and the domain he had in a part of Chilpancingo ”, says Riva Palacio. 

He pointed out that Alanís Trujillo tries to control the free highway between Chilpancingo and Acapulco, 109 kilometers that are considered strategic for the transfer of drugs to the border with Oaxaca. 

“Alanís Trujillo is not a relevant figure outside of Guerrero, but as security reports describe, he is a strategic vector in violence and drug trafficking in the state, which makes it inexplicable that he still maintains institutional protection networks within the Salgado government.” . 

Finally, Riva Palacio maintains that the freedom that organized crime has to advance in the state of Guerrero has also allowed them to expand their ties with multinational Mexican drug cartels, without any opposition. 

    Source: Vanguardia