Armed men attacked community in Chilapa, Guerrero; there is one dead and two wounded


The Minerva Bello Human Rights Center reported on the armed attack carried out by 150 men in a community of the municipality of Chilapa, Guerrero.

In a statement, the human rights center detailed that it received at noon on March 6 complaints from residents of San Jerónimo Papantla, where they assured that there was one dead person, two wounded and a burned house.

It was reported that the residents warned that the attackers are still in the area.

“We urge the competent authorities to intervene and guarantee the physical and emotional security and integrity of the population that inhabits the area, as well as to investigate and determine responsibilities for the armed attacks perpetrated against the inhabitants of San Jerónimo”, the statement reads.

Therefore, the Human Rights Center demanded the immediate cessation of armed attacks against the civilian population in the state of Guerrero.

Meanwhile, Father Filiberto Velázquez Florencio, director of the ‘Minerva Bello’ Human Rights Center, ruled out that this confrontation is about Los Tlacos, since the municipality is very far from its area of criminal operations.

He added that this conflict, which has been going on for years, could be between members of the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities-Founding Peoples (CRAC-PF) of Alcozacán and the community of San Jerónimo Papantla.

Violence despite truce of criminal groups in Guerrero

On February 22, the leaders of Los Tlacos and the Familia Michoacana agreed to a truce to stop the violence that is experienced in the state of Guerrero.

The agreement between both leaders was given on February 21, and no authority intervened, neither state nor federal, nor any high-ranking member of the Church.

According to Father Velázquez Florencia, this truce was a mutual agreement between the leaders of the criminal organizations that have kept the area of Tierra Caliente and the Sierra of Guerrero with high violence.

He reported that the criminal groups agreed to stay in the territories that they currently control, while not advancing to other territories.

This truce came after Los Tlacos avenged what happened on January 4 in the community of Buenavista de los Hurtados, municipality of Heliodoro del Castillo, where it was reported that 30 people were attacked by armed subjects, who dropped bombs on the community with the help of drones.

The violence between the Familia Michoacana and Los Talcos has intensified with the aim of controlling the territory in recent months. This is not the first incident where the use of drones by the FM in Guerrero is reported, highlighting a similar attack in the community of Acatlán, municipality of Heliodoro Castillo, on November 16, 2023.

After the confrontation between these criminal groups in the community of Las Tunas, municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, on February 18 of this 2024, the hitmen under the command of Leonel “N”, alias La Changa and/or El 80, one of the leaders of Los Tlacos, recorded the bodies of their rivals who they set on fire and shot with fury.

In the attack, heavy weaponry was used and the brutality of the event was evidenced where members of the also known as Cartel de la Sierra -or Tlacos- carried out acts of barbarism against their fallen adversaries, mocking and proceeding to burn their bodies, as the Familia Michoacana did on January 4 in Buenavista de los Hurtados, as described by recordings shared on the internet.

Source: Infobae