Canaco Acapulco supports use of camarena hotel during easter week


Entrepreneurs ask for solidarity from the hotel sector for visitors who will come to the port during this holiday period.

The National Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur) Acapulco, represented by Alejandro Martínez Sidney, spoke in favor of setting up the Camarena hotel for this Easter holiday season and called on entrepreneurs in the hotel industry to join and support this camping alternative for tourists.

Martinez Sidney said there is no way to avoid and control tourists from setting up their tents on the beach, and it is better to “join this demand and this need of people to come to Acapulco.”

He mentioned that in Acapulco, the hotel offer is 8,300 rooms compared to the 20,000 there were before Otis, so there are not enough hotel rooms for the expected demand.

Hotels under forced rehabilitation for easter week

“There are not enough hotel rooms for the expected demand, and we hope that the authority and hoteliers are aware of this situation, that there will be enough for all, they will fill up, and there will be no place to put more people,” he specified.

The President of Canaco only recommended to the municipal authority to provide security, bathrooms, and all the basics to have a space in the Camarena hotel.

On the other hand, he announced that during these Easter holidays, they expect to have 100 percent sales in the businesses that are already open in Acapulco.

“We believe that there will be a historic hotel occupancy, that there will be a lot of tourist influx, because that’s how it feels, the conditions are given, and the highway continues to be toll-free, and that is taken advantage of,” he specified.

Source: El Sol de Acapulco