SNTE blocks in Chilpancingo and marches in Iguala and Zihuatanejo on its second day of strike


Teachers affiliated with the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) block avenues in Chilpancingo and march in Zihuatanejo and Iguala.

In the capital, the blocked avenue is Vicente Guerrero, and the unionized workers also hold their workplaces as part of their state strike.

The blockade began minutes after 8 in the morning at the Central Region Educational Services Regional Delegation and in front of the Federal Secondary School Antonio I. Delgado (ESFAID), where the unionized workers indicate that they are waiting for a response.

The protesters placed tarps and banners asking the Guerrero Education Secretariat (SEG) to solve their demands, including incorporation into the federal payroll, legislation of the bonus for retirees, and delivery of administrative positions to the Support and Assistance to Education Personnel (PAAE).


More than 3,000 education workers from the Northern zone marched this morning in Iguala and held a rally on their second day of indefinite labor strike.

Around 8:30 in the morning, workers affiliated with section 14 of the SNTE marched from the Military College Boulevard, along the National Flag Avenue, to the Independence Monument, where they held a rally led by the organization secretary VII, Erik Tapia Hernández.

Along with the mobilization of teachers from the 16 municipalities of the Northern region, they hold the regional delegation of the SEG Educational Services and have suspended classes in basic education schools.


Unionized teachers from the municipalities of Zihuatanejo, Petatlán, La Unión, and Coahuayutla, march through the main avenues of the port of Zihuatanejo to demand that the state government resolve their demands for better working and salary conditions.

About 500 teachers left the main square of this city and walk along the avenues Juan N. Álvarez, Benito Juárez, Morelos, Heroico Colegio Militar, and then take Morelos Avenue again towards the Municipal Palace, where they will seek to have a dialogue with the PRI mayor Jorge Sánchez Allec, to ask him to be a manager of the teachers’ struggle before the state government.

The teachers carry tarps and banners and a sound system through which the teacher speakers assert that “it is a fair claim, our demands are not from now, the indefinite strike is throughout the state of Guerrero, only in this way will they return to see the education workers”.

Since yesterday, active and retired teachers began an indefinite labor strike in basic and upper secondary schools and protested at regional offices of the Guerrero Education Secretariat (SEG) to demand attention to their demands.”

Source: Sur Acapulco