Over 2,0000 public transport units are disinfected in Oaxaca against Covid-19


Preventive actions were applied to 565 yellow taxis, as well as 484 public transport buses that transit in the city of Oaxaca

This Tuesday, the Ministry of Mobility of the Government of Oaxaca continues with the sanitation of foreign taxis as part of preventive actions to avoid COVID-19 infections, which so far has left 44 confirmed cases and five deaths in the entity.

According to Semovi data, this Monday the sanitation of 565 yellow taxis that transit in the city of Oaxaca began. This operation is a continuation of the cleaning work that began on April 6, which in a first stage sanitized 310 foreign taxis that circulate in the municipalities of the metropolitan area to the Oaxacan capital.

The Secretary of Mobility, Mariana Nassar Piñeyro pointed out that these actions are carried out in response to the second decree issued by the government of Oaxaca, which expands the urgent measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and adds to the sanitation work that they were also carried out in urban public transport trucks.

As of Monday, 484 public transport buses have been sanitized, in addition to 994 foreign taxis that transit the city

Semovi, in coordination with the entity’s Health Services (SSO), has carried out this type of cleaning action with special pumps that spray sanitizing chemicals on transport vehicles, with the participation of Vector program workers.

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Mobility staff pointed out that it is essential that operators of the public transport service continue to carry out cleaning and disinfection tasks in their respective units since in this way they help the effects of sanitation prevail.

Sanitizan taxis en Oaxaca por Covid-19

Likewise, Nassar Piñeyro reiterated the importance that both drivers and users respect the sanitary indications, and refrain from exceeding the overcrowding of the unit. “It is everyone’s responsibility not to get into a foreign taxi that already has its full space. It is everyone’s duty to respect the fifth passenger, “he said

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