Guerrero activist loses the battle against Covid-19


Acapulco, Guerrero.- María Guadalupe Rodríguez Narciso, leader and founder of the Collective of Parents and Relatives of Missing, Kidnapped and Murdered Persons of Guerrero, lost the battle against Covid-19 and died this Friday night at the General Hospital of Equal to.

For seven consecutive years, she dedicated herself to the tireless search for her son Josué Molina Rodríguez, but unfortunately, she died without having found him. Josué disappeared on June 4, 2014, in Chilpancingo, the state capital of Guerrero.

Her fight in the field of Human Rights was joined by more than 100 parents who also undertook the search for their missing children in the state of Guerrero.

Despite the pandemic, last year María Guadalupe, together with the group, carried out the search for clandestine graves in Acapulco, where she denounced that the local authorities were not collaborating in the identification of the remains located by the parents.

Source: OEM

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