Artists protest the sale of The Zihuatanejo Parthenon; learn about its dark history


They ask Governor Evelyn Salgado to visit the property and listen to the ideas of the community.

Members of the Collective of Artists of Zihuatanejo demonstrated this day outside El Partenón de “El Negro” Durazo to demonstrate against the sale of the property since they consider that it can be used for cultural-tourism purposes.

El Partenón de Arturo el Negro Durazo

The protesters went to the property of the former capital chief Arturo Durazo and with a canvas asked Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda to visit the place and listen to the ideas of the inhabitants.

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They consider that in addition to making it an attraction for Ixtapa-Zihuatenejo, it can be a space for painters, artisan sculptors, and other artists to express their work.

For many years it was in litigation with the former owners until a court gave the rights to the state government.

PlayboySeLee: El Partenón de Durazo | Playboy

After this news, the artists and inhabitants of Zihuatanejo were happy because it was thought that he would be rescued for the benefit of society and tourists; action promoted and not specified by the administration of former governor Hector Astudillo Flores.

In addition to the collective of artists, other sectors throughout the week have spoken out against the sale of El Partenón, affirming that although it is true that its origins are corruption, it can be given a totally different twist.


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