Armed group picks up six teenagers in the mountains of Guerrero


A group of armed men broke in and picked up six teenagers from the mountain community of El Varillal. The residents threaten to block the Acapulco-Zihuatanejo federal highway this Saturday.

Yesterday at noon, members of a criminal group that operates in the mountains violently broke in and deprived six young people of their liberty from the town of El Varillal, in Petatlán, on the Costa Grande.

The inhabitants demonstrated yesterday in the arch of the community of Santa Rosa de Lima, municipality of Tecpán de Galeana, on the Costa Grande de Guerrero, to pressure the authorities of the state and federal government to search for the six adolescents.

They stated that a large group of armed men entered the town and took the six teenagers out. Later, four of them returned because they had been released and came to the community.

Meanwhile, the other two youths, one of them managed to escape from his captors and arrived beaten and handcuffed at El Varillal, where he told that he had managed to flee.

He said that he does not know the whereabouts of the other young man, Jacobo “J”, who presumably managed to escape and of whom he knows nothing is still missing.

Therefore, the relatives have organized to look for him in the mountain area, since they suspect that armed group want to kill them, since they were threatened by them.

For that reason, once again they demand federal, state and municipal authorities to help them find the teenager.

Source: Millenio