Conflict between tourist transporters and taxi drivers in Ixtapa continues


In Ixtapa, the conflict between taxi drivers and tourist transporters persists, generating concern and annoyance among service providers and visitors. In the last few hours, an incident has been reported in which taxi drivers with a site at the Hotel Azul Ixtapa temporarily prevented the transfer of visitors to the airport, alleging the breach of an alleged agreement.

According to the complaint, taxi drivers demand 500 pesos from tourist transporters for each passenger to allow them to carry out transfers from hotels to the airport and vice versa. This situation has generated tensions and has affected the experience of national and international visitors, who are caught in the middle of this conflict.

Representatives of the tourist transporters regret this situation and call on the relevant authorities to intervene and resolve this conflict immediately.

They argue that these disputes not only affect their ability to operate efficiently, but also leave a negative impression on tourists visiting the region.

Source: Meganoticias