Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels of Zihuatanejo supports Jorge Sánchez


* There is a resurgence in the destination claim hoteliers.

The candidate Jorge Sánchez Allec received the support of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels of Zihuatanejo, made up of 21 hotels and headed by Rogelio Lozano Calderón. After this warm reception, Sánchez Allec affirmed that as the main tourist promoter of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, he is convinced that more actions will be taken in favor of this destination until it becomes the best in terms of infrastructure, service and certified beaches in all of Mexico. .

Rogelio Lozano Calderón told candidate Jorge Sánchez Allec that today there is a resurgence of Zihuatanejo in infrastructure and in order. “His work shows and motivates us to get ahead.”

For his part, candidate Jorge Sánchez affirmed that there is a noticeable change in Zihuatanejo and therefore emphasized that they must continue working together with the hotel sector. “What we need to move forward is to go hand in hand and make Zihua the favorite destination of all of Mexico.”


The Guerrero Post